A collection of ideas for your interest and for the benefit of my mental health.

28 January 2010


 Hey this looks like a good substitute for doing work.

TEN things you wish you could say to TEN different people right now.  Did this a couple of weeks ago don't need to change it.

NINE things about yourself.
9. I am shrouded in mystery.
8. I love a good ol' debate.
7. I am afraid of most things.
6. I have simultaneously a high and low opinion of myself.
5. I am am not a racist.
4. I am concerned by the state of the world. The environment is the least of our problems.
3. I have lost my work ethic.
2. I haven't had many headaches lately, hmmm.
1. I overthink everything.

EIGHT ways to win your heart.
8. Be adaptable.
7. Be Romantic
6. Be forthright for god's sake.
5. Be sensible.
4. Be a brunette?
3. Be chillaxed.
2. Be like me.
1. Be clever!

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot.
7. Work.
6. Me.
5. Many many alternate scenarios.
4. Those earworm songs that get stuck in your head.
3. Transformers
2. The night's television offerings.
1. Mass Effect 2 right now

SIX things you do before you fall asleep?
6. Brush teeth.
5. Put lip cream on and perhaps witchhazel for the spots.
4. Tune into LBC 97.3
3. Say my farewells.
2. Hoot like an owl.
1. PJ up.

FOUR things you see right now.
4. Forward Unto Dawn (ma xbox guysh)
3. LEGO replica of Cloud's bike Fenrir from FFVIIAC
2. Optimus Prime glowing pen!
1. Watchmen badge.

THREE songs that you listen to often.  At the moment the picks are...
3. Best of You - Foo Fighters
2. Baby I'm a Star - Prince
1. Unchained - Van Halen

TWO things you want to do before you die.
1. Get rich.
2. Be happy.

ONE confession.
1. I think I'm better than alot of people. :D

27 January 2010

Oooooh baby baby, won't you turn your head my waaaay. Oooh baby baby ah c'mon take a chance, you're old enough...

to daaaaaaance the night away!  Oh man Van Halen makes nothing but kick arse music and right now its VAN HALEN WEEK on Absolute Classic Rock. Totally the best music station ever to grace the (digital) airwaves.

Online player!

On a similarly awesome note, Apple conference in just over 2 hours should show off some sexy new stuff (refuse to use the word kit, its not tools and its not something a football team wears).

And Mass Effect 2 on Friday hopefully.  OMFG. If it doesn't get delivered I think I'll go pub or something.

Hell guys its looking good for the week ahead.  Well pleased with my awesome history coursework too, quite a relief after my umming and aaahing on whether I was hitting the spot.  I hit the g-spot.  Oooh yeah. Giggidy.

Until the next time.

23 January 2010


This freakin' kills!

22 January 2010

I've got V ELASTICS!

Sounds awesome right?  I can hardly open my mouth.  No dick sucking for the foreseeable future sorry. ;)  March hopefully Doc Malan will say 'right its over we'll arange the removal of the brace.  I'm not getting my hopes up but I've been on time so far so fingers crossed.


Any song where the singer announces 'guitar!' before the solo is pretty much awesome.

More later?  Doubt it.

19 January 2010

Thank's Twitter

shitmydadsays "No, I'm not a pessimist. At some point the world shits on everybody. Pretending it ain't shit makes you an idiot, not an optimist."

Wow inspiring words there, reflects my own beliefs amazingly.  PREPARE FOR REALISTIC WOE! 

17 January 2010

It's still January!

But I think everything's gonna be aok.  (y)

15 January 2010


This would solve all of my problems instantly.

I got no pleasure out of today so far everthing has been meh.  This is starting to become indicative of my life. This must stop.

Its like everything pisses me off.  Tolerance is down to zero.  Couldn't find a film I wanted to watch.

Maybe its my sleeping?  It's been odd this past week... many extremely odd dreams.

Realy annoyed with pessimism.  I'm like realism's champion, and you know what the two can coincide when really is really bad but you know what some people manage to turn every situation into the worst it could possibly be and to me that's just annoying.

Fucking snow hasn't gone away grr.


Guess I'm jaded and years of skepticism has finally dawned on me.  Not that there's anything wrong with skepticism.  Also I'm really jumpy about people being wrong.  There are assumptions flying about and I can't get behind that anymore. Plus I'm getting quite argumentative.  This used to be fun because I had a reason.  No more.

Plus its January and you know what that means for me since 2006/2007ish time.


All in all I'm hoping to be in a better place by the weekend's end but you know what in all likelihood nothing will have changed.  That seems to be how it goes down now.

14 January 2010


Serious blog post incoming!!!!!

11 January 2010

Haha Laura has the right idea.

OK let's do this shiznik.  Don't have enough things to write so I'm make this a top 5 super sentiments!  Let's see if I can make them lyrics. Nah that's too hard.  Accompanying emoticons I THINK SO.

1. Don't get any big ideas, they're not gonna happen. ;:\
2. This propensity to 'tease' like an episode of Lost is not going down well with me and many others.  Drama queen. >:/
3. Suck it up my friend, it lacks comfort and there are better models on the market. :\
4. Get a grip for gods sake its pathetic. :/
5. Take the hint. :|

If anyone fancies guessing I'd be more than happy to tell you you're wrong.  Not that people read this haha.

OOH came up with a new one!

6. Get on with it so I can get on with it. ;)

09 January 2010

Adult Themes

So there's the first bit of that adult content I have been promising.  A truly sexual image right there.  Fun fact: There is a transformer accidentally named after a double ended dildo.  Nexus Maximus.  Check it out.


03 January 2010


Yes its bloggin' time once more as I've broken down the halfway barricade of the history coursework and am once again riding the wave of success (I can feel it).  I am also wearing the greatest garment known to man, the dressing gown.

Saw a list of the hottest geeks of the last decade.  DAMN.  Brian Crecente wins.

He really is a cool dude that Crecente, and he looks like the egyptian bloke from the mummy.  Runs a tight ship with Kotaku.


So yeah school tomorrow not worried, got morning at home as usual which is super lovesexy.  Frasier time!  And then to the mighty 1000 words mark AND BEYOND!  Which reminds me Buzz should come out of his box.

Caught the end of Uncle Buck today, great film. :)


Did you like that padding I did there with the picture?  Great job huh?


Top Gear was pretty dull today.


NPH deserves to win the last decade's gay off, that Barrowman pretender is just a twat.  Plus it was well funny when he was trying to land the lesbian last week on HIMYM.  God I miss that being on nightly, and I miss the time when I had access to the dvd of the first serious so I could watch it all in one go ((with vomit breaks)(aaaaah October 1st)).

So Assassin's Creed II was VERY awesome especially all the religion and mythology they have managed to work into a BRILLIANT universe and origin.  It was like Christmas coming late.  Our current conception of religion is so boring.  And the pope so weak, we need to be able to fist fight again.

Chaos City sale was somewhat disappointing.  Got some comics on sale, not bad.  Iron Man is taking an age over not alot and I'm pretty sure the art has gone downhill.  How come there are 2 Captain Americas now? How the hell is Stark in his position right now, he has super awesome tech these days.

Really must buy Harold and Kumar 2 soon, can't wait to see what silly adventures they get up to.  Finding it hard to believe Kal Penn is now in the White House but then again these are unbelievable times.

Until the next time,
resquiat in pace.