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28 April 2010

No apologies.

Not even I care enough about this to apologise for not sticking to my 'once every five at least' rule.  Oh well.

DAMNIT no Iron Man 2 6 inch range in Asda.  I so want that MkVI armour! And also the War Machine if they look good enough.

That said IMAX Iron Man 2 on Friday!  Yippee.  Though reviews are mixed I'm sure its a movie I'll be viewing many times over the course of the next year.

Mock week is at an end, also can't be arsed with English any more. Need a good night's sleep which tomorrow's lie in should afford. 

Halo 3 fever lately, gotta get to 35 odd in SWAT soon.  MMMM.  But Reach Beta should prevent that from happening tooo quickly as its gonna KICK ASS.

19 April 2010

A little addition...

Fine tweaked my little twitter thingy over to the right  >>>

Enjoy it.

Until you're over meeeeeee

its actually a well good song.  Hadn't realised until last night at like midnight in bed after I managed to listen to the end of SMod 112.  My only real memory to do with it was when I got the It Won't Be Soon Before Long album and had to do my duty and send Med the bonus tracks, and I apologised for the title of Until You're Over Me because he had recently had a break up to do.  But it really is a kick arse song.  Shame I can't enjoy any live videos of it since I can't find any.

Gonna go have a walk shortly.  And then REVISE!

17 April 2010

We're due a blog.

Or I am. 

Blur beta is well good, love it.  Gonna buy that which is weird I don't normally get racing games.

Took part in the We Need Listeners Leader's Debate special alongside my learned friend Steven yesterday, we get the bruising alot (me moreso than Stevo).  I dunno when it's going up but it's been saved.  And no I have not been circumcised for the occasion.

Successful revision today, the sun was good.  Stumped by welfare gain/loss mind you. 

HMV in town is bollocks, no good cds I wanted.  Talking of music the new MGMT album is pretty weird but I liked a lot of what they're doing there so I shall listen again when I'm ready for tedium and pretention.

Oh wow it's not long until IRON MAN 2.  I am getting super excited.  Also exciting news about Joss Whedon both direction The Avengers and rewriting it along with the screenplay for Captain America: The First Avenger.  It ought to be handled well.  Very worried that the scene where Cap is a cabaret singer because he's deemed too valuable to be put in the WW2 field will go though.

Halo 2 sendoff was cool.  The soundtrack is still the best Halo soundtrack as I listened through today.  Wahey.

Pokemon HeartGold calls to me.  I must resist.

11 April 2010


You are about to tuck into a delicious game pie.  You cut it open and there is a fully intact eye staring back.

Time for a new blog post.

I may be slightly overdue.  Gonna have to be short I'm running a bath.

Bugger all going on right now.  Just anticipating Iron Man 2 alot.  And the Halo Reach Beta omfg 24 days? Had a major flashback to the launch of the Halo 3 beta this morning, since it coincided with work experience.  Listened to Incubus' A Crow Left of the Murder at that time and as I recall Spiderman 3 had just come out or some such.  Shit film, good album, fun beta.  What a difference 3 years makes.  Hopefully Reach won't be fucked up because of the loadouts, and it will be really good as a consequence of having them.

Oli said a terrifying thing to me yesterday when we were playing Halo 3.  It dawned on me more seriously than before that I'm gonna lose everyone.  That's horrible.  Coinciding with my uni nightmare this isn't a good thing.  I feel I am wasting my life doing nothing right now and wasting people.  It sucks.

Bit pissed that our odeon isn't showing Clash of the Titans in 2d.  Not paying £10 to see a film no thank you.  I shall wait for someone else to get the dvd.

I think the solution for this mood is MORE KISS.

05 April 2010

Bit of a bad mood for some reason.

Dunno why.  Seem to have been a little isolated today for whatever reason.  Haven't been out or seen anyone.  Little communication on MSN.  Just been one of those days I guess.

Got a cool Iron Monger figure who is currently crushing Tony's head between his palms.  Massive step up from the Iron Man 1 toyline that's for sure.  No stuck joints today either which is a boost.  Might go to Newcastle and see if I can't pick up War Machine and the mk6 armour there (to great cost) in the coming days.

Speaking of which, making a break for the north tomorrow to see the family.  Should be fun.  Ha.  Always get into contemplation mode when I'm away from everyone.  I am powerless to act so the mind wanders onto hypotheticals and such.  Marvellous. :/  Any contact whatsoever will be gladly received.  Of course free mobile internet should make things a little more bearable than usual.

My Gears 2 disc has vanished so that's a bummer.  Think I left it at someone's house but nobody has seen it.  DAMN.