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26 February 2011

It's almost time to go...

Gonna aim to write this in one go.

Still got nothing from the lady about the house. I'm getting uncomfortable now. Mmmm.

I had a little go on the radio a couple of weeks ago on Uni Radio York and since they're getting a refit soon I thought it might be worth jumping on the bandwagon and making an honest man out of myself. Obviously a talk show would be unfathomably awful so I'm wondering what sort of show I should present? One idea I had would be a Get Psyched hour, and putting in a mix of hyping up songs. Struggling to think beyond that. Leave a comment with your ideas/opinions and yes this was a test to see if anyone reads this.

Been getting in to Mad Men a lot. Finished the first series. Feel sorry for Don. He's a dick but his wife is a massive annoyance to me and to everybody I'm gonna assume. What strikes me about this show apart from how cool smoking and drinking is in it, and its overall super-style, is the humour that occasionally springs up. The election night office party and the scene where Don and Roger have to take the stairs are some of my favourites.

Speaking of drinking, had the Arnold Schwarzenegger marathon last night which was a great success. Managed to avoid most of Predator by falling asleep, fantastic win. Shocking favourite had to be The Sixth Day which was very biopunk, if not cyberpunk and cool, I especially liked the helicopter-cum-jet ships that Arnie chartered. Stylish film I thought. 2 Arnies are better than 1.

Further to that sci-fi movie today I watched Ghost in the Shell. For a film so lauded with praise I'm not sure I enjoyed it as much as I was expecting. It is undeniably well animated but the pacing was weird and it seemed extremely tame especially for its time of release. Still, it is a cyberpunk universe I shall be revisiting.

I also managed to get myself a copy of Akira used. If they release it on dvd again I'd probably buy it, depending. But for now eBay has provided me one for under a tenner delivered which I call a win. A classic anime film and a true inspiration. I really wish I was with my LEGO right now.

Inkeeping with this week's cyberpunk theme I had some time to play Dystopia again. For those inevitably unaware its a free, source-engine online game where teams fight to complete objectives. I really like the feeling of this game, its environments, its similarity to Gibson's Sprawl Trilogy. The fact that gameplay rests on 2 separate types of action, run and gun and hacking into a virtual world, set it apart from the norm. I was quite unhappy to find only 2 servers active. And that I'm rubbish at the game now.

I think maybe its a product of the gloomy 80s feeling, and the cyberpunk genre's origins in those times, but the music of that era fits the feeling of low-life and high-tech, oppression, powerlessness and apocolypse very well. That's why, in true Mini fashion, today's blog was brought to you by the song 'The Dance Electric' performed by André Cymone which isn't a patch on the 12 minute Prince & The Revolution version despite being effectively the same except without a high quality version existing. Have fun y'all.

11 February 2011

Would anybody care 2 get naked?

[11:27am) Hello blog reader(s?).  Here I am writing up a blog.

It's been a while hasn't it? There is little time so by this thing's publication it will probably be next week or perhaps this evening.  But rest assured it is still morning in fact I'm gonna timestamp this mother.

This weekend is massive for sport and I shall be accepting tiredness and academic compromise by watching Superbowl XLV!   Steelers vs Packers.  So I guess I'm behind the Steelers if anyone.  But we all know that the game is only half the fun of the Superbowl and the trailers we get to watch after (or during if we live in the USA) are simply essential to the experience.

[12:51pm] Wow its Friday. Just caught a bus in the nick of time. This is the first stage of my epic journey home and as usual I am nervous about trains and me missing them or getting the wrong one. More later.

Superbowl ended up good, watched the slightly dull first half and then listened to the rest on 5 live. The commentators behave as if its real soccer football or something. Needless to say the Black Eye Peas were abysmal, the only saving grace here being Slash's brief appearance which doubtless pissed Axel off sufficiently. This resulted in a very tired day of lectures. Ho hum.

Managed to put dibs on a house on Saturday. Great eh. Still awaiting a lease and contract details but hopefully shotgun for eternity is in effect right now. [1:11pm] Seems like it'll all be fine and we shall have our bachelor pad (with a garden big enough for a helipad).

Ok so I'm here at the station way early and it appears that a schools worth of kids are waiting with me. Imagine my disgust. I only hope they manage to grab an earlier train or at the very least aren't in my carriage. It's more than I can bear to accept designated seats only to be in the midst of 8 year olds. I remain optimistic. just got a text from mother saying train is delayed. What a shocker!

So to Superbowl news. Trailers. First off Cap. Looks quite good,though it is hard to tell. Really impressed with the brief look at Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, glad they decided to use prosthetics rather than a computer to tender that scary scary face of his. I'm even less worried about Chris Evans as Steve as well. Optimistic again.

[1:29pm] Tell you what its bloody cold here on the platform and a freight train is going through. This is a first. Is it taking citizens to City 17 or Nova Prospekt? We shall never know.

On to Thor. Not much to say apart from I've got faith in Chris and Ken to make it lighteningy and suitably awesome. Can't wait for it actually.

[1:39pm] Ok I have boarded a train with annoying kids in it. It smells like a night out on this train which is odd. Is it some kind of perfume? Apparently we are slightly delayed because retards can't put their luggage in properly. Not an easy mistake to make, surely? At any rate got the iPod in, busting some sweetass Advent Children music right now. N.b. I shall not be using the phrase 'sweetass' ever again.

Back to trailers. Transformers: lack of a good name has really surprised me with a badass trailer. It seems far more grand, urban, desperate and transformery. This can be good, not yet sure. My transformers consultant Frazer seems happy with it and he too disliked Revenge of the Fallen. It also seems like Bay is taking some care this time around and though I don't trust him the idea of a more 'black hawk down' feeling and situation is undoubtedly appealing. Too bad (or good?) the toys are so poor so far. Not up to par with the usual quality of the current lines.

I see a glorious power station from my window seat. I know society has prepared me to despise such constructions but they are rather cool looking. Think how important a cooling tower is. Very. Wow another in the distance. Cool journey so far. This calls for a change in music. wWow I just saw fire.

[1:59pm] Well the children are talking about spending all night in the club. They grow up so fast. They have a very fucking annoying accent. Somebody press mute on them. I assume they are from Corby, aka little Scotland, where a flatmate lives. I am infuriated. Just appearing at Doncaster now. Lovely day here contrasting York. And apparently home. Not long now! I don't really understand how short this journey us tbh. Half the length of the car journey. Less than double York to Sheffield. Also less than double the price by a considerable amount. If you can explain please comment, and we will send them a letter explaining our better version of a business plan.

With Kiss in my ears, not in the bad way I hasten to add, we leave Superbowl 45 and instead move to today's (yesterday's?) X-Men First Class trailer. I shouldn't like it apparently because it doesn't have the real first class lineup. The only one it has is Beast in fact. You might be fooled that Angel is there but its a different character, even though THEY ALREADY HAVE AN ANGEL IN THE MOVIES. I guess I should hate it because Fox doesn't know what they're doing with the license and it should totally go to Marvel Studios. But I am a fan of the 4 current X-Men films and this one if anything has more promise than the others because Wolverine won't be the main character. Magneto is looking cool. Besides, Mr Vaughn if that is the spelling made the awesome Kick Ass. We shall see where this goes. Again I am hoping for a good movie.

[2:20pm]So this journey is about half an hour longer than anticipated. More fun for you. If you ever feel like you can't perform or need to do a feat of epicness, go and listen to Kiss and hear the song I'm a legend tonight. It is so good. Gonna take a quick Blogging break. See Twitter for my thoughts at this time.

[3:16pm] Due to low battery I'm now gonna wrap this up. Sorry I didn't include pics. It was too great a task. Hope you liked the blog.