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06 May 2011

Sexy Comic Book Day!

May have got my wires crossed there, I just have "so much to talk about" in this installment.  Alright, so I'm back at university and May has just arrived.  And what happens on the first Saturday of May every single year?

Yep the one day you get something free at the comic book shop is about to arrive and here I am stuck where the comic book shop is boring.  And small, even compared to Chaos City.  Instead of moaning, I would like to write about the benefits of the day and why for all you non-readers, FCBD is an occasion in your honour.

You may want to refer to Daniel Meier's fantastic blog Mindless for an article on why Dexter, the hit televised crooked cop shop, could and in fact should be a comic book character.  He makes a wealth of excellent points on the compatability of Dexter and the superhero genre.  This is legit though I am slightly surprised this is how Mini has defined a comic book, as a super hero book, given that his first comic purchase was Marvel's 80s adaption of Blade Runner, a decidedly anti-heroic story.  Sadly he has highlighted a major misconception that the medium of the graphic novel is spandex and superpowers exclusively.  Do not misunderstand me, I am in the business in large part because of these heroic paragons (though I prefer metal suits or kevlar to spandex, they might stop a bullet).  I am also in it for giant robots and licenses from video games and films.  But even that is not the scope of comic book.  We have crime and noir books, life affirming tales, we have paper forms of webcomics which follow MOSTLY normal people.  There is even the sublime

And we haven't even TOUCHED Japan yet.
So tomorrow, do go out and check the comic book shop nearest to you and pick up something which you think suits you.  Because this day is for YOU, the comics uninitiated; the perfect gateway into and exciting and eclectic media.  Get your first free because lord knows they're expensive once you're buying them regularly.  Check out the comics that will be available on the link under the logo.  Adam West comic book!

Another thing I wanted to speak about was the numbers rating system that causes much contention (I'm guessing in kitchens?).  Men seem to approve, finding the translation of women's (and I quote) 'levels' into numbers to be militarily precise and easy to quantify, because we're men.  And women find that numbers are so impersonal they will deny all similarities between the numbering and their own personal comments about attractiveness of their desired gendre. 

Staring blankly at lecture notes I mused about my own standpoint of the system and I think my balls momentarily disappeared as I realised that really the number system, as good as it is on an impersonal level, cannot be applied to individuals you are actually engaging with on a more than visual level.  I can only imagine the number system being an obstacle to relationships as you realise your buddies will be judging your chosen companion on the objective scale whereas you have been blinded (perhaps the wrong word, in fact probably the wrong word) and are on a subjective scale. The realisation that you too are being judged must be unpleasant.

But then with virile bounce my testes returned to their resting place, finally coming to my senses that the personal rating and the impersonal level coexist perfectly.  I'm unsure how to explain this in words but I think the personal scale is a far more important indicator NOT of physical attractiveness.  Two people of the same 'level' or 'rating' will find themselves rating the other higher surely.  So what we have is really a great mechanism to match compatible people, provided they're not giant egoed head in the clouds wankers.  Nobody in mind when I wrote that by the way, totally innocent!  Thoughts from both genders please?

With that fantastic ramble out of the way I felt I should create a playlist of sexy music.  So armed with my sexometer I figured I would comb iTunes.  Here's some of the results, filtered for stuff I already mentioned in my 3 Blog Post 30 Song Challenge!

Destiny - Zero 7
Go With The Flow - Queens of The Stone Age
Funktion - Jamiroquai
Electric Intercourse - Prince
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life - Indeep
Inside of You - Hoobastank
Bodies - Cee Lo Green
Drinkin In LA - Bran Van 3000
Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard
Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song) - Incubus
Evidence - Faith No More
Pretty much anything by Maroon 5.

13 minutes to midnight, I keep my promise to myself and to all twitter followers.  Well done for making it down this far, I'm certain the quality of written communication was low this time but what can you do, I am a busy man.  Hope to write something more exciting next time, might have to be exam related and judging by the email I just received this will not be a victorious tale.  Until next time...