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17 May 2010

Hey look at that.

I'm not at school.

Mega pile of sheets here.  A year of school work.  Just been sorting out sheets.  Should get back to it really.  Meant to be collecting quotations for Dracula.  Might settle for pardoners tale since that is the topic of tomorrow's mega lovesexy revision session.

Reach beta is almost over, couldn't care less.  Bit bored of it.  ODST is my main Halo game right now.

Just listened to all of my Skindred.  It's so good.

Should probably say RIP Ronnie James Dio but didn't know you.  The one song I heard today was pretty rad though.  Rock on.

06 May 2010

Another late blog.


Reach is well good.

Iron Man 2 was coool, twice in two days, now got 4 different toys of Iron Man and 2 of War Machine, the AC/DC soundtrack and the arc reactor he makes in the new one.

Bit of an episode on Tuesday night, didn't know I was carrying that many mushrooms or that much liquid in my stomach but what are you gonna do.  Slept well!

Voted today, mega awesome.  Rock on Oakwood!

Found myself watching School of Rock the other day while I had lunch.  The legend of the rent was way hardcore!  And then I got a grip and did something entirely better.

On the subject of Jack Black, he collaborated with Mr Meat Loaf on his new album Hang Cool Teddy Bear and it's actually fantastic.  The song 'Love is not real' has got him, Steve Vai, Brian May AND Justin Hawkins.  It is most epic.

Exam season is less stressful than normal I am thinking.  Mocks are in general going well. My heart is with the IBs.  Shocking I know, I didn't know I had a heart either.

Quite excited by the pictures of Gears 3 coming out.  Looking cool.  Would like to play as Anya actually, always one of my more favourite characters.

Phil tweets...
sphilsmith http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8637673.stm this audio is of no usage whatsoever

He's right on!