A collection of ideas for your interest and for the benefit of my mental health.

22 February 2010

The news.

Robert Pattinson is a wanker.

Fear me.

17 February 2010


Rut-roh I'm a cruisin' for a bruisin'.

15 February 2010

Woo time to give this blog some lovin'.

So listened to a couple of smodcasts today, very funny appraisal of Avatar.  Aaah.

Blogging is hard, can't be arsed.

Made a funny courage wolf/chuck using incubus' chuck yourself app.  Wooppee.

Gotta do some reading today. 

No I didn't win $1000 but its fun?

More to come I'm sure. 

Oh suited up twice this past weekend was well worth it.

02 February 2010

Won't Get Fooled Again!

You know I've got lots to do yet here I am wasting time on the internet.  This is the least productive of my list of things to do.

1) Mass Effect 2
2) Read 1984
3) Write an essay on Macbath
4) Plan English coursework
5) Do business research (might not be bothered who knows)
6) History reading


My economics alcoohol guide for the exam told me that to get to such and such an article I could just go in google advanced search and search for 'alcohol fueled ambulance'.  Doesn't strike me as a good idea.

I've got a sweet recommendation if you like youtube, there is this pretty cool dude called Philip Defranco who has a show called the Philip Defranco show (shocking I know).  Me rikey.  Might be more suited to guys I dunno.  He raises interesting points and points out some great links!