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20 November 2010

Catching up on the blawging.

Here's a blog post.  Pretty bored and twitter just will not do!

Well it's coming to the wintery time of year.  Another year alone.  Single life is good.  Cheaper this way.  Still there is that feeling of missing a companion which sucks but is inevitable at this time of the year.  Powerless to act mind you, it sucks because there appears to be a shortage of eligible females here despite them outnumbering me umpteen to one.  What a sticky situation.  Glad I'm not Ted Mosby right now he'd have a fit.  In the meantime I shall read the various 'help me with my (prospective) relationship' threads on Escapist which are somehow cathartic?  On the other hand something may present itself as soon as tomorrow but until then I shall bunker up in default mode.

I regret that Marshall, Ted and Barney never were 'what's up New York' as a trio of bachelors.  There were some good episodes to be had out of single Marshall.  I believe there should be more broings on.  Special brocasions.  Bro-choice rallies. 

Gonna have a rearrange of my movie reel right now.  Don't care when I have to get up.