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28 December 2009


LOL I have a blog!

21 December 2009


This man is amazing, and one of the finest guitarists ever.  His career went through some weird bits in the 90s but nevertheless he's one of the greatest artists ever to walk the planet.

I clapped a video of his performance I found on Youtube.  I have never done that before.  The next day I spent 2 hours watching his videos live on Dailymotion where they have not been found by the lawyer brigade.  Didn't like the lovesexy tour videos but oh my god was the Purple Rain tour amazing and holy hell is the guy still awesome today.

He also has a song called Superfunkycalifragisexy which I haven't heard because the Black Album (Funk bible) isn't on Spotify!  But the name should tell you its amazing.  Though as far as I can tell you reliably you may as well stop on the Love Symbol Album of 1992 (also known as 0(+> which would also become his sexy stage name during times of label conflict with Warner) with the song Sexy MF which was banned from radio play!

Also he has some pretty good new songs these days.

On a more usual note the psychage has begun early!

20 December 2009


Mega cool movie, in fact that's under selling it this movie has redefined my preconceptions of film.  It did change things after all.  I remember when I first heard about this and being like 'Avatar is the name of that cartoon though!' but that thing sucks in comparison to this visual masterpiece.  Its such a beautiful film from start 'til finish.  The scenery is breathtaking, the combat visceral (but not overplayed, and most certainly not overshadowing the true heart of this film which is the world itself) and the story comfortably familiar and predictable.  Yes its an effects movie but because of it you're just so involved in the scenes, the cameras they used being specially designed to mimic the workings of the human eye capturing totally realistic reflections and highlights.  Best mocap ever. 

Probably more to come.

18 December 2009

Gotta point out Broslife on Twitter which the man NPH actually follows and which points out some supreme pearls of broda wisdom.

Also wanna say piss off snow you've already outstayed your welcome.  The show must go on.

17 December 2009


OK meant to do this yesterday but got real involved in Arkham Asylum then COD and then the night was over.  So here I am.

HIMYM returns tonight!  Hoorah it has been too long since we've heard from the Barnicle (though I now own both of his published tomes, The Bro Code and Bro on the Go, which have helped to cement my Broda status).  I am a little annoyed by the BarneyxRobin idea but maybe it will be normal. 

Speaking of Barnabus Stinson, tomorrow I'm hoping to SNOW SUIT UP for the most epic of end of terms if the weather delivers what it promised.  It was looking so promising earlier... then it rained and my funny facebook status was ruined.  Hey ho.

VGAs happened on Sunday morning, that was cool and got some cool new trailers and vids despite my horrific hangover which I truly didn't diserve may I say.  Next time I'm sticking to the gay/old man drinks with my buddy Matthew.  But yeah mildly entertaining Halo Reach trailer kind of pissed my off in terms of 'lol BLUE ARMOUR I'M GONNA LOOK SO CAMO' and lame hand graphics yet again.  Arkham 2 trailer set me off on one for sure, that looks peachy.  Hope to see more on that shortly.  On an unrelated note, Mass Effect 2 looks like the best thing ever and I cannot wait 41 more days (if that is the correct figure).  I wanna meet up with Garrus for some killing RIGHT NOW but don't wanna get involved in a new playthrough of the first because it takes forever as I am completionist and also I'm not that bothered.  My awesome Shepard will have to wait.

Finally got external hard drive so sorted out my stuff for the first time in ages, very pleased.  That was pretty curt.  Oh well.

Errrrm.  All my money has vanished.  Dammit.  Hoping for an injection shortly so I can fritter money away on booze and food and plastic crack.  Mmm.

06 December 2009


Most fun I've had all day, certainly better than breaking my hand playing Smells Like Teen Spirit on Hard which I realise is pathetic. Got my tea here, gotta sort out my super sexy interview outfit shortly.

Prince has been very entertaining this morning, 'Ronnie, Talk to Russia' being the hilarious height of it all.  He is a truly 'International Lover'.

To do...
  • Finish annotating this ghandi schtuff.
  • Revise for Economics test!
  • Read more into History!
  • Make sense of submitted essays.
  • ???
  • Profit

04 December 2009


TGI Friday!  Spending a night in for a change which has been nice, I have eaten curry without the purpose of drunkenness, I've not seen How I Met Your Mother because its gone but I caught Earl instead which was fun (and as a consequence I'm listening to It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, yes I did just go old-skool). 

Gonna set up the ol' Guitar Hero for some practice in order to redeem myself next time I play.  Also gots to get on the Modern Warfare 2 tonight with Nick and whoever else because its been far too long.  Speaking of which he has just gone online.  I must hotfoot it there soon.

Peace out.

03 December 2009

Spotify and MORE!

Hmm some catchy Will Young hits just got advertised better go take my heterosexual pills to make sure nothing regrettable happens.

Just polished off Chocy Fingers.  Mmm. 

Also if you know of anyone who would like this blog (and everyone you know will, trust) please refer them to me for treatment.

I declare the blog open for business.

And what crappy business its gonna have because I do all my blogging on other websites.  This will be a recepticle of all my hatred.  So...

Tweet of the day: "Well proud of the danger table. HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER TABLE! GONNA SIT RIGHT DOWN AT THE DANGER TABLE!"

Facebook of the day: "Harry Graham 's 'channel 4 is about to screw around with US Sitcom time slot' sense is tingling."

Expect more of that...

So I didn't get to watch Advent Children today, very sad, I did however dl the OC Remix of the FFVII soundtrack, Voices from the Lifestream, in my very first Torrenting experience!  Lovely jubbly.  Geek over.  It will soon be the weekend and I must confess I am living for nothing more than that these days, and I long for Tuesday's culmination of the Cmabridge application process.  Excuse my sudden lapse into idiot speak.

Erm... yeah that will be all.  At ease.