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23 January 2012

New Improved 30 Day Song Challenge... in 3 posts CONCLUSION

Back in action with the final part of this musical tricolon, emphasising something about me perhaps?  Rhetorically enhancing my recommendations for you?  Conveniently splitting the list into 3 parts?  You choose. Check the first two parts here and here, then stop to enjoy the view for a bit.

The final part is not as radical as this man, but close.
21. A Song With A Great Bass Rhythm - Superfreak by Rick James.  Forever known for its inclusion in the cheesefest U Can't Touch This by M.C. Hammer, Superfreak is actually a great punk funk song featuring The Temptations!  It definitely features a bass part to remember too.  For a great time check out the whole album Street Songs, a personal favourite of mine.

22. A Song You Can Deeply Relate To - Noticed by Mute Math.  Feel more things lately, my dreams have become far more vivid and the wakeup far more disappointing.  Note that, unlike the song which has just been ruined for me by songmeanings.com, I am not necessarily speaking about God.

23. A Song You Could Play Over And Over And Never Get Sick Of - ChamPain by Cee Lo. From his amazing Stray Bullets mix tape this one is just dynamic, fairly short, features a pretty amazing use of the falsetto from Lo.  Had a phase of this when the mixtape was released back in 2010.

24. A Song Played At A Memorable Event In Your Life - Everyday People by Sly and The Family Stone.  I don't remember if this was done by Larry Graham as well as P but Hop Farm was a great great day for the ages.  Cool song too, good vibes and old school sound.  New Sly Stone in the near future?

25. A Song You Don't Understand - Kiss From A Rose by Seal. Another Batman-related track, what is that about.  Like Batdance, it isn't really inspiring me with the lyrics.  In fact the lyrics here are I feel deliberately mysterious, whereas Batdance is just a poorly written commercial tie in.  Nevertheless you can get a sense of the mood here I think, it just doesn't help unravel the meaning.  Is there one or do the words just go?  I expect he will be breaking this one out now he's single again (which I am gutted about), on one of his mad partying outbreaks.

26. The Best Rock Song You've Heard - Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who.  Just iconic, not particularly original.  I would suggest this if someone said 'what is rock music'.  Attitude, instrumentation, CSI Miami association.  All there am I right?

27. A Song That Forces You To Reminisce - The Reason by Hoobastank.  On two levels I remember this: it takes me back to good times with Halo 2 where it appeared over a montage on the special edition dvd.  Second, it is eternally a reminder of my year 11 teenage angst.  Thank you to Hoobastank for managing to confine that to just their music.

28. A Song That Gives You Shivers - Destiny
by Zero 7.  Another one tied to memory, and a personal favourite song, this was the first song I heard before I joined the computer age.  And it is beautiful - still disappointing Sia Furler and Sophie Barker haven't stayed with Zero 7.  But we have some amazing examples of their work, here is its peak.

29. A Song That Helps You Live - Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson.  Captures excitment of life and exemplifies the beauty of night time world.  Songs like this (Shout to the Top by The Style Council, Good Love by Prince) play a great part in my belief in unadulterated happiness in the world.

30. Your New Current Favourite Song - Hello by Lionel Richie.  Does this need explaining?  It is both hilarious and meaningful, it has a very unsettling video featuring a stalker of a blind girl, it has a cool guitar solo.  And it conforms to the universal 'Lionel Time' theory I might blog on in the future.  Like the start of this list though, this is not my favourite song but probably got played a lot the past couple of days and really who is fresher?


That's the end of the journey friends.  I would like to note now that I reckon I could have used a Prince track for each of these (a list for another dimension).  Hope it has been insightful, and hopefully I can come back and do this again next year and see just what has happened to my rapidly declining taste in music.

Journey's end.

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