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23 March 2011

The Very Best

Permit me to travel back 11(!) years.

It is 2000.  I am 9.  I have just received an awesome Pokémon Gameboy Colour and Pokémon Gold Edition.  It is an amazing time of my life, strategy guides, trading, battles, adventures.
And now, with the death of the save battery in my old cartridge the next generations has stepped up to fulfil the epic task.  100 hours gone, 9 hours 30 on the new restarted clock.  In no particular order, I'm hoping to train a Donphan, have a kickass Pidgeot, complete the Unown thing which I'm certain I never managed before and I guess I want to catch 'em all.  For sure though, I feel like a little kid again which is no good now I'm attempting to write essays and revise for exams (see Stevo's new blog, Studenting, for the perils of essays). 

Now with that tackled here's the end of my 3 Blog Post 30 Song Challenge!

21 A song that you listen to when you’re happy - C'mon and Love Me by Kiss!  This song reeks of satisfaction.  I could also have picked the 1986 version of Can't Stop This Feeling I Got by Prince which came on as soon as I found out I made it into York last year.  70s Kiss always makes me happy.

22 A song that you listen to when you’re sad - Beautiful Girls by Van Halen.  David Lee Roth is a totally radical man, and when I'm down in the dumps I just wanna turn up a fun rock n roll song.  Kind of humerous, definitely lighthearted, lift the spirits!  Don't mention Hoobastank or Breaking Benjamin...

23 A song that you want to play at your wedding - Crucial by Prince.  Yeah he's back.  This song is lovely.  Look out for the version with Miles Davis on if you're into it, I think the song is better without horns.  Could have chosen a lot of Prince songs for this one, he does a ballad well.  No doubt I'll have something more tasteful ready in the next 20 years! 

24 A song that you want to play at your funeral - I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead by Mogwai.  Kind of sombre but in a way uplifting I find.  Would suit a funeral I think.  On the other hand don't want to make it more miserable, but to play a really happy song would be distasteful.

25 A song that makes you laugh - Bobby Brown Goes Down by Frank Zappa.  Very very close to the line, still not sure which side it sits on.  But it is a funny song for real.

26 A song that you can play on an instrument - Honestly cannot.  Sorry to leave this blank, looks like I have failed the challenge.

27 A song that you wish you could play - Are You In? by Incubus.  Yes another repeat offender, I would love to break out the bass and do this one.  Also in the running was another Incubus track, Here In My Room which I think is beautiful.  Piano.  Well I suppose I own a keyboard.

28 A song that makes you feel guilty - Until You're Over Me by Maroon 5.  Eek did another repeat.  My music taste is mainly insular I guess.

29 A song from your childhood - Pokémon World.  See what I did there?

30 Your favorite song at this time last year - I'm A Legend Tonight by Kiss.  Ending on a repeat what a shame.  But it is true.  I look back to the blog posts of last year and find that Kiss was on heavy rotation and I remember this kickass song was going on.  You may remember this song from a few blog posts back, I was listening to it on the train.  It wasn't exploding enough to be fitting for this song though.  Paul Stanley is a God.

Well there you have to folks, the key to my failing to do anything good this week and the culmination of a musical voyage through memory.  Look out for more posts in the near future.  Peace.


  1. you can't play three blind mice on the recorder? what did you spend year 3 DOING?

  2. I can do one song on the keyboard but no idea what it is called.

  3. Agree with you on Prince.

    Also Pokemon ftw