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10 November 2011


I was very impressed by the quality of written communication in the following blogs on the club scene.  Here Mini gives an informative analysis of the flyers, aluding to the culture Anne describes.  Dan takes the cake with a blow by blow account of why clubs so often blow.  I often find myself wondering why I'm not like other students running around town drunk as if its a social experience so good you'll risk the most godawful feeling the morning after, physically if not also emotionally.  But in a conversation with a friend, I think I hit the nail upon the head.  Thanks Dan, you have inspired me.  Edited for clarity, content hasn't been touched.

No Rihanna.... no....
You doing anything this weekend?
I think I'm writing an essay given lack of other options
Ohh dear
Not going out?
weekend is shit in York
I don't like anywhere enough to go there when it isn't a student night
Don't meet anybody though...
you meet people in clubs?
no scope for conversation
Yeah, but your generally pissed as a fart and looking for something to hump at that point...
which is exactly not my m.o.
its a hollow place full of hollow people
drenched in hollow music
Thanks for that...
I don't mean people in clubs are hollow people all the time
but if as you say everyone is at that state of drunkenness they are only after sex
then you have totally eliminated the thing that makes them interesting and human
and you're left with a homogenised crowd of people
they are probably totally different in their day to day
so if you're out to meet individuals
the club is not a place to do so
because you can't really meet the person

I have been out 1 time in York this term.  I guess I enjoy being fresh faced and enjoying a long day's work or relaxation more than the drunken, forgotten euphoria that night outs are supposed to entail. And while I can understand having drunken shenanigans with your buds, a club is not the place to expand your social circle in a meaningful way.  Not that I'm good at doing it teetotal.

Some vintage funk with an appropriately named Gil Scott Heron cover.

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